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Grief Recovery Care

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Grief Recovery Care: How Does It Work?

The Grief Recovery Method ® teaches that recovery from loss is achieved by a series of small and correct choices made by the griever. Most of us were never taught how to make those choices when processing loss.  We are taught all of our lives how to acquire things, but not how to let go, especially of those things we hold dear.

Grievers may experience things like a loss of concentration, a sense of numbness, disrupted sleep patterns, changed eating habits, a roller coaster of emotions and more; but there are no absolutes in grief. There are no reactions so universal that all, or even most, people will experience them. There is only one unalterable truth: All relationships and situations are unique.

The Grief Recovery Method ® walks grievers through a series of action steps in a group setting or in one-on-one sessions to help them identify the hurt they are holding on to and to release it once and for all. The process is taught in an individual therapy session that lasts 7-10 weeks.  There is some reading and homework assignments that must be completed as part of the process.

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