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Grief Recovery Care

501 Darby Creek Rd, Ste. 3B
Lexington, Kentucky 40509


Sue Y.

I am so glad I chose Amanda Speakes to be my grief counselor. Her web site’s personal introduction spoke to me on a level that made me feel she would be a good match for me. During our first session, I discovered that I was correct. She is a very caring person who listens intently to what you have to say. She makes comments that are thought provoking. Amanda also encourages you throughout your progression through the handbook. The handbook is an excellent resource and is interesting to read. I didn’t realize at first I was changing, but later when I did, I was amazed at my progress and by how much better I was feeling - this said by a person who has grieved for nearly 19 years over losing my husband. I went into this counseling hoping that it could help me relieve my suffering and pull me out of the pit. I was tired of letting my negative thoughts rule my life and wanted to live a better life. Now I am. I have a new joy I haven’t had in years. I am so grateful for the help Amanda provided and for having the opportunity to work through my problem with her assistance.

Marie G.

I see Amanda at Grief Recovery Care. Amanda truly has a gift and she has helped me more than I could’ve imagined. She is so genuine and just had a way of making everyone feel loved and heard! I have never met someone that I’ve been so comfortable with after just meeting. Amanda is someone that I can always go to and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me.

Bethany W.

Amanda provides a peaceful and welcoming environment. She guides you through a Grief Recovery Program that is beneficial for all grievers. With Amanda’s guidance through this program, I’ve walked through the process of dealing with multiple losses in my life. I’m currently in the middle of the program but I already feel the weight of what I was holding on to finally being lifted. Amanda has provided me with the encouragement and skills I didn’t know I needed. She’s been the listening ear that’s helped me work through my thoughts and feelings. I’ve recommended her to multiple people and will continue to do so. Grief is a normal response to loss but we often live our life holding on to unresolved grief. If you’re looking for someone to help you with unresolved grief or to just be a listening ear, give Amanda a call.

Koda S.

I see Amanda every two weeks, and she has really helped me deal with my divorce! Glad to have found her!

Phylissa V.

I am a former client of Amanda's, she literally helped me more than I knew was possible. She has a special, unique approach and she has a gift. If you are trying to find relief from grief and starts loving your life again, please, make an appointment, just go speak with Amanda and find out for yourself! I am 15 MONTHS clean and I would not have made it without her. You will be happy you made the choice to call Grief Recovery Care!!!

Yvette M.

I was taught so much from Amanda. She has a way of listening and helping people that's very sincere. I'd highly recommend visiting. She helped me though some hard times and I thank her for that.

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